The Broken Spirit

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

There’s no greater tragedy than that of a broken spirit.

The notion of spirit is a hard one to adequately define or understand, it’s that intangible thing that forms the essence of your very being.

That part of your nature that ties you to something transcendent.

It’s the intangible nature of the spirit that renders it obsolete when it comes to matters of modern science.

Science tends to reduce matters to the material level.

To medicating and working towards the healing the body and to some extent the mind, but never the spirit.

The irony is, the word ‘Psyche’ in the original Greek, actually means soul, so Psychology traditionally was concerned with the study of the soul (or spirit).

Like the body and the mind, the spirit is also subject to disease.

It can be contaminated, corrupted and distorted beyond it’s natural state and the natural state of the spirit is one of purity.

So to heal the spirit, you need to clear your conscience, to act in the way that your spirit calls you to act – to transcend your physical conditions to moving into the fullness of your humanity.