• Michael Dahdal

To Be Broken

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

You are the most open, when you’re the most broken.

It's obvious, simply answer the question, 'When are you most likely to seek God?'

And the answer inevitably, almost always, is: “when I’m the most in need; when things are not going so well”.

When things are going well, pride takes over and it's pride that keeps the doors closed, crediting ourselves with our successes - reminding ourselves how great we are.

Taking all the credit for our success and shifting all the blame to others for our failures.

In this state of pride , there is no room for a God, or anyone for that matter.

We elevate ourselves to that God-like status.

So the argument then is that suffering, should not only be embraced, but it remains a pre-requisite to salvation.

This is not about seeking out suffering, but rather acknowledging the fact that it's inevitable, and without it there is no way to be ‘whole’.

So then, humility remains the single most important attribute that to truly embrace the fullness of life.

Reminding yourself that despite all your skills, your talents and all your success, that beneath it all, you’re fundamentally broken, a mere fraction of the depth that your being is capable.

Reminding yourself that despite all the gloating, that you are fundamentally limited.

To understand and appreciate that others may actually have something to teach you.

And then approach life with an open mind and an open heart, with the realisation that in the grander scheme of things, you know nothing.

Humility, so evident in the cultures of the east, is what allows you to understand your true place in the universe.

This not only means embracing your vulnerabilities; but also embracing your individual 'brokenness' as an opportunity to let go, to trust, to open and to grow.

It is archetypical symbology of ‘the cross’.

Not suggesting that suffering without purpose is somehow good for you, but instead it suggests that suffering is inevitable and a necessary part of your full realisation.

That with out it, you have a tendency to get in your own way and build barriers between your self and all that is ultimately good for you.

So next time you’re going through a difficult time, don’t fight it, instead try and take a moment, bow your head, admit you may need some help and then don’t be afraid ask for it.

Hopefully that can be the beginning of a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself, with others and dare I say with God if indeed you believe one exists.

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