• Michael Dahdal

Life Is Simple, People Are Complicated

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Why do we choose to make life so complicated?

Life as we know it is pretty straight forward, once you’ve got some clarity around the fundamentals, it’s really then just about navigating the challenges and staying on that path.

There are several layers to this point of view, but I believe it’s pretty obvious that things begin to get a little more complex when our focus and attention is shifted away from what’s important.

So what is important?

Everyone has to ultimately answer that question for him or herself, but I truly believe that our existence here on this planet, leaves plenty of clues.

Clues from nature,

From history and biology,

From mythology and literature,

From studies of human behaviour and from science,

From our moral nature

From culture and philosophy

From the great spiritual traditions

The reality is that most people can’t (or won’t) see many of the clues, leaving a sense of uncertainty about their place in the world that’s difficult to reconcile.

It’s this uncertainty that forces us to act out in ways that are not conducive to living a life that’s aligned with our truest nature.

Making what would otherwise seem pretty simple, a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

It’s this complex nature of humans in search of meaning and purpose that ultimately stirs an array of emotions, and it’s the sometimes overwhelming nature of these thoughts and emotions that deviate us away from the path that’s laid out for us.

So what is this path you may ask? My answer is simple; look for the clues.

Once you find it, keep your attention there and it becomes much clearer how simple life actually is.

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