A World Of Casual Believers

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

What do you believe exactly?

I don’t mean what do you ‘kind of’ believe, I mean what do you believe exactly?

It’s difficult to make real sense of the world if you can’t answer that question with some sense of certainty, because what you believe is ultimately the lens in which you view the world.

It’s the way you make sense of things, the way you’re able to put things into their proper context.

Now you may be one of the few that has a pretty firm idea about that fundamental question, but if that’s the case, then the natural follow up question is – do you live true to your convictions?

If you believe in God, which God exactly and how does that influence the way you live your life?

Don’t tell me about it; instead make it evident by how you act in the world.

If you believe in living healthy, what does that mean exactly and how should it be manifested?

We don't really want to hear about your diet or next yoga class; instead embody health by living clean, eating clean, thinking clean and nurturing healthy relationships.

If you believe that family is more important to you than money, then is that reflected in how you allocate your time and attention?

The point is to 'practice' what you proclaim to preach.