The Grand Design

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

You wake up in the morning, jump out of bed, have a shower, get dressed, enjoy some breakfast and get set for your day.

You open the door, get into your car, drive to wherever it is that you are going.

You realise you are low on fuel, so you stop and refill.

You get to your destination; do your thing for a while before enjoying some lunch and seeing out the rest of your day.

On your way home you stop by the market and pick up some stuff, then drop in to see a friend for a tea before eventually making your way back home.

Sounds like a pretty typical day.

But what we have failed to even consider is where your food came from, how your car got to be where it is and how it’s even possible for you to refuel or stop by the market to pick up some things.

What I’ve described and alluded to is a simple chain of events that made your day possible.

One thing leading to another, everything somehow linked to give you a ‘whole’ experience.

This is all by design; it is no accident that things work in that way.

Someone gave it some serious thought and there it is.

Now if you zoom out a little, you’ll begin realise that we live in this pretty weird eco-system where everything just seems to work.