A Little About Relationships

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The mechanics of a relationship are relatively straightforward; people on the other hand can be a little more complex.

For the sake of argument, I’m going to substitute the word relationship here for partnership, at least for now.

Because when you set out looking for love or you find yourself maintaining an existing relationship, a partnership is essentially what it is.

There are three fundamental elements to any successful partnership.

First, your own life (and identity) as an individual person

Secondly, the individual life (and identity) of the other

Thirdly, your life (and identity) together

These are three parts independent of each other that should really work well together for any partnership to ultimately flourish.

For any partnership to even exist you need to be present in it, so being yourself in the truest sense is really a key component.

For if you’re masking your own reality trying to live up to something you’re not, then in effect, YOU, the real YOU, is actually absent.

And without YOU, there can be no partnership.

This also applies to your partner – you also want them there, you want all of them present and you should BOTH ultimately want the best for each other.