Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We all want to get a little better at living life.

Retreats, workshops, schools, universities, coaches and mentors – that’s all great, but there’s no real point if there isn’t an inner commitment to embodiment.

You see, it’s not about knowing it, or even believing it, it’s about living it.

Even the devil can believe in God.

Living it is all about what you do, how you behave, what action you take so it’s an accurate reflection of whatever is going on inside.

An intentional approach to living your life.

There shouldn’t be a separation between what you think, what you say and what you do and you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that alignment.

This is the key to living an authentic life, an honest life and a life that’s true.

Embodiment is about healing and transformation, about getting that alignment between what you fundamentally believe (and value) and how you live, in practical terms, in every single moment, of every single day.

If that’s not your ultimate intention, then all your efforts may be futile and amount to nothing more that peddling time jumping from one experience to another without really getting anywhere.

How you approach your work.

The clothes you wear.