• Michael Dahdal

Fitting In And Standing Out

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I know the common narrative in pop-culture is this inherit need to embrace your individualism and to do what you can to stand out.

I’ve always struggled with that notion.

Why would you want to stand out exactly?

Fame? Ego? Validation?

Enhancing your prospects of finding a suitable mate?

Maybe it’s influence?

If that’s the case, whom are you trying to influence exactly and why?

I’m not discounting the fact that you have unique qualities; of course, these should be embraced and nurtured.

Nor am I advocating that you become some superficial version of yourself in order to fit in nor to simply hide within your comfort zone.

However, I don’t think the concept of ‘fitting in’ more broadly is such a bad thing.

There’s actually humility in it.

You’re a social animal; meaningful human connection is vital to your ability to thrive and loneliness is a proven killer.

That means sometimes doing things for others or for the greater good that you may not necessary feel like doing (within reason).

And then being able to put all these interactions into their proper context.

There’s no community without making the odd sacrifice – it’s this inter-dependency and the willingness to do for others the binds communities together.

We need other people and other people need us.

If you’re the influential type, the there’s no one more open than the people already within your sphere of influence.

Your family, your friends and your established relationships.

The more connected you are with your own community, the greater the potential there is for you to make a real difference.

I guess in a world where everyone is increasingly trying to stand out or differentiate him or herself somehow, trying to fit in may now seem like an act of rebellion!

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