• Michael Dahdal

Recognising Patterns

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

You get a bunch of sounds and you arrange them into some sort of pattern and you have yourself some music.

Without some kind of pattern, all you have is a bunch of incoherent sounds.

Patterns are important, so is your ability to recognise them.

Music is the perfect metaphor, as the patterns in music have a way of resonating with you in a way that’s not so easy to explain.

Why do you like some songs and not others?

But you know, almost instinctively, that a certain sequence, arranged in a certain way, affects you in a certain way – why it does that is difficult to articulate, but you know it to be true.

The thing with listening to music is, if you don’t like the pattern, you can simply tune out.

Like music, life has a certain pattern to it, clearly evidenced in history.

Empires rise and fall.

Wars and famines

Births and deaths

Political cycles

Societal structures


Common (and often predictable) human behaviours

Language has a pattern, so does poetry

For as far back as you can delve, people have more or less been dealing with the same things, albeit manifesting themselves in different ways.

You are unique as an individual, but your situation most likely isn’t.

Others have probably at some point been there before you.

Whether you’ve realised it yet or not, you’ll find that your life, your environment, the people around you, your work, your behaviours and responses tend to also follow certain patterns.

Recognizing this will help you tune in and really begin to understand the landscape you’re trying to navigate.

It may be a little more difficult to tune out if you don’t like the sequence you find yourself in, but the beautiful thing is, you can learn to change the tune.

Change the sequences in your life.

Play some different notes.

Adapt your actions and behaviours.

This will ultimately change the pattern, so you can start beating to a drum that better resonates with you.

In a sense, you’re the conductor; the captain of your own ship - you have some personal responsibility in shaping your own life.

You’ve been handed a set of circumstances; recognise what they are, as well as both your limitations and opportunities, and start developing patterns that better resonate with you.


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