• Michael Dahdal

Embracing Stress

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

What if I told you that the right kind of stress can actually be good for you?

Stress is one of those things that exists for a reason and serves a fundamental purpose in your life.

It’s that part of your nature that’s essential to your survival, I would go so far as to say it's necessary!

Stress, as observed in nature, usually works in short bursts. Once the threat is gone, order (and calm) is restored almost instantaneously and then life just goes on.

The problem arises when you live in a perpetual state of stress – this is what's not good for you.

Humans (and you) have a unique ability to invoke the stress response through thoughts alone – insinuating certain threats to your survival that don’t actually exist.

This is an obvious misuse of stress.

The key then is not to rid your life of stress altogether, but to learn to embrace it and harness it in ways that will not only help you survive, but also help you thrive.

Stress keeps you alert.

It can be a motivating factor.

It heightens your senses.

It’s a precursor for you to act and actually get things done.

Your life is cyclical in nature, so the secret then is to master this cycle so as to ensure your days remain in a state of balance.

Balance is not this infinite state of bliss you might think it is, but rather the interplay between movement and stillness, stress and calm, light and dark, order and chaos.

To approach life otherwise, means you’re not living a full life at all – but rather escaping it, by only embracing the experiences that somehow feel or seem pleasant.