• Michael Dahdal

Your People And Your Culture

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Culture is important as it provides a kind of framework for you to navigate your way through life.

It provides you with certain grounding principles, a worldview, a lens in which to experience the world.

Culture is ultimately about the sharing of ideas, transfer of knowledge, traditions, customs and social behaviours.

It is culture that helps you establish your beliefs about the world and your place in it.

So if you live in any kind of society, have a look around, what are the stories being told?

What beliefs are being reinforced and by who?

What are the cultural influences in your everyday and how are they being communicated to you?

Are you able to approach these critically and skilfully?

The thing with culture is that it, by default, relies on a group of people with a shared set beliefs and values – culture cannot exist on a purely individual basis.

Culture can be adopted voluntarily, or imposed on you unknowingly.

It can work with your nature or work against it.

Existing as an isolated individual in a world made up of people, in a sense, can be viewed as somewhat nihilistic and counter-cultural.

It's part of your nature to want to belong.

So whether you like it or not, it's more than likely that you currently belong to some sort of culture or sub-culture – the question is, are you aware of this?

Was it of your own choosing, or has it been imposed on you somehow subtly - either knowingly or unknowingly?

The fundamental question this all leads to is - who then are your people?

What makes them your people?

Do you have a shared set of ideas about the world?

Common beliefs, interests, values?

What binds you all together?

Do you ever stop to think about the cultural influences in your life?

This is not about discounting your role or value as an individual, but more about understanding what has and continues to influence you.

It’s more about using your ability to choose and then using that ability to make better choices, based on what you know and understand to be true at any given time in your life.

It's important to emphasise, that YOU also have the ability to either accept or reject your culture - outside of a tyranny, no-one can really deny you that.

The point being, it’s about sowing the seeds of your life in what you consider fertile grounds.

In order for you to grow and ultimately flourish - establishing your roots is a powerful thing to do. The stronger the roots, the more unshakeable the tree – the same applies to you.

So then, where (or in what) have you planted your self?


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