The Wisdoms Of Our Elders

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

As I was growing up, I was always attracted to mentor type characters in films and cartoons.

I would hang on every word of wisdom from the likes of Mr. Miyagi (Original Karate Kid) or Splinter (Ninja Turtles).

I was attracted to Chinese Kung Fu films and Japanese Samurai films.

Yoda from Star Wars was another character I looked up to.

Of course, those are all fictional characters, in my waking life; I never really had a mentor.

My football coaches all fell short of that role, as did my teachers and my university professors.

I never really attended church growing up unfortunately, nor did I get to know any of my grandparents.

I lived in 3 countries before I was 8.

My father would impart some basic words of wisdom, but I never really appreciated those until after he was gone.

My mother was a strong, hard working woman, who did everything for her family, she led by example, by doing – I’ve learned much from her, but again, not quite the mentor I need (or needed).

In recent years, it’s dawned on me why I was so drawn to all those fictional characters, characters that seemed to display (and share) both wisdom and virtue - (I've since increased my repertoire, so don't worry).

Even though they were fictional, I think they were appealing to a dormant part of my nature.