Understanding Balance

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The word 'balance' is often thrown around with very little thought as to what it means exactly in the context of living a balanced life.

You hear about work-life balance.

Managing your time and your schedule.

About living in a perpetual state of peaceful bliss; stress free.

The word balance itself usually invokes some image of sitting on top of a mountain meditating in some infinite state of Zen.

I wish that were the case, but unfortunately that's just not how it works.

What if I were to tell you, that the whole concept of balance in nature seems to be completely misunderstood in modern pop-culture.

Fuelled partly by the 'wellness' industry and modern day guru's alike.

What if I told you that 'balance' in the natural sense means embracing both fire and water – movement and stillness, struggle and peace as two sides of the same coin.

Having one without the other would essentially render you incomplete, only only part of a whole!?

Balance is cyclical – like in the cycles of nature, you, as a natural being, are also prone to different cycles (and states)..

Cycles in your environment.