• Michael Dahdal

Understanding Balance

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The word 'balance' is often thrown around with very little thought as to what it means exactly in the context of living a balanced life.

You hear about work-life balance.

Managing your time and your schedule.

About living in a perpetual state of peaceful bliss; stress free.

The word balance itself usually invokes some image of sitting on top of a mountain meditating in some infinite state of Zen.

I wish that were the case, but unfortunately that's just not how it works.

What if I were to tell you, that the whole concept of balance in nature seems to be completely misunderstood in modern pop-culture.

Fuelled partly by the 'wellness' industry and modern day guru's alike.

What if I told you that 'balance' in the natural sense means embracing both fire and water – movement and stillness, struggle and peace as two sides of the same coin.

Having one without the other would essentially render you incomplete, only only part of a whole!?

Balance is cyclical – like in the cycles of nature, you, as a natural being, are also prone to different cycles (and states)..

Cycles in your environment.

Cycles in your state of mind.

Cycles in your work.

Cycles in your social circles.

Cycles in your physiology.

Cycles in your energetic shifts.

Cycles in your levels of motivation even.

The secret then is to embrace your various states, the struggles along with the peace and by paying attention be able to counteract (or counterbalance) the various extremes to bring your days into equilibrium.

It’s not about being in a state of bliss in every moment of every day, it’s instead paying attention to your fluctuating natural tendencies and being able to give greater attention to the things you need, when you actually need them.

So in essence, to live a balanced life is being able to recognise all the shifts going on within you and around you, then having the ability to adapt accordingly.

Balance is not about isolating yourself from the natural elements, but instead embracing them as a fundamental part of you.

Nature can be brutal and so can you - but the thing about nature is, that it has a way of ensuring that everything works together, maintaining the equilibrium of the whole.

You know that inevitability after the storm, the sun must shine again. Where there is death, there is life and vice versa.

You however, as a free actor, with an intelligible mind, may need to work with that little bit more intention, to keep your whole being functioning in that natural state of equilibrium.

If you'd like to learn more about balance, check out: The Balanced Life Retreat (Ubud)


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