• Michael Dahdal

Matters Of The Heart

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I’ve spent quite sometime trying to come to terms with the nature of man and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that human nature is quite complex.

On the one hand, you are a primate, a biological being driven by your biological urges – so in that sense, you have an animal nature, much like you’d see in any other primate.

This is where your physical instincts come from, often felt deep in your gut – reactive, driven largely by emotion, jealousy, rage, hunger, thirst, lust. It seeks pleasure and avoids pain, pure biological drivers.

On the other hand, you have the ability to reason.

To take what would seem to be a simple biological reaction and add some layers of moral complexity to it.

It’s your ability to grasp concepts such as justice, right and wrong and assess multiple variables several layers deep taking into consideration a string of factors associated with action, reaction and consequence.

It’s your ability to even consider the concept of forgiving something that would otherwise be seemingly unforgivable.

It’s the part of you that transcends your biological nature – one could argue the only thing that differentiates you as human, setting you apart from any other animal.

This part of your nature operates primarily in your mind.

So in essence, you have a biological nature that is innately part of who you are.

But you also have a part of your nature that transcends your biology; one could say a complex moral nature, which is also part of who you are.

This is where I think it gets interesting.

Your life is largely a conflict between the two, your biological nature (your instinct) and your transcendent moral nature (your reason).

Much of your struggle is in trying to make peace and reconcile the two.

You may not have realised yet, but the exact midway point between your gut (instinct) and your head (reason), is your heart.

This is where intuition lives.

It’s why the heart is associated with love and compassion – because only when you approach life from your heart, do you truly embrace the totality of your humanity.

So my advice to you – don’t act on instinct alone, as this will consume and eventually destroy you.

On the flip side, be careful not to approach life as some mystery that can be resolved using logic alone, as this will inevitably leave you with many questions un-answered.

Instead, I suggest you approach everything in life as a simple matter of the heart.

It’s the only place where life truly begins to make sense.

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