Your Storm Of Emotions

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Emotions sometimes manifest themselves like a storm that swirls up inside you.

Experiencing strong emotions is part of being human.

Dare I say animals also experience emotions, but as a human person, you experience them with so much more depth, force and complexity.

Unlike animals, we have the ability to hold on to the past and project indefinitely into the future, allowing thoughts and emotions to create stories and distortions from reality that anxiety and fear just feeds on.

Unfortunately, emotions are one of those things you can’t really fully control.

But what you can do is begin to recognise them for what they are.

You can begin to accept them, sit with them and put them into the proper context.

You can learn to detach yourself from them a little, examine what contributes to them and organise your thoughts better maybe – but the stronger the emotions are, the more difficult all that becomes.

What you can control though, are your actions.

What you’re going to do despite of whatever it is you might be feeling.

Not letting how you feel stop you from moving forward.

If you’re able to muster the will to keep moving forward in a direction that's meaningful, a direction that you know is right for you, your emotions will have no choice but to eventually follow.