The Changing World Of Work

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

It’s in your nature to be productive.

There is something very fulfilling in feeling like you’re getting something done.

Like you’re adding value and living up to your responsibilities.

There’s also a very clear difference between being busy and being productive.

Work has come to represent having a job, but that’s not what work has always meant.

Work used to mean doing what needed to get done – usually to eat, maintain shelter, ensure you had something to wear (and keep warm).

To make a contribution to your community and offering your time and skills, in order to be useful.

Economics has over the last century, increased the overall influence on how you live your life.

There’s no escaping that, that’s just the way it is at the moment.

Marketers have blurred the lines between needs and wants and we all find ourselves caught up in the cycle of consumption.

If you really want to go back to how nature intended you to live, then the shift would simply be towards consuming less and producing more.

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