• Michael Dahdal

Hesitation Is A Killer

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Hesitation has a way of killing your spirit.

It leaves you in a state of limbo, neither here nor there, neither coming nor going.

Hesitation reflects a lack of conviction.It’s a kind of ‘hanging around’ and wishing for something to happen, rather than making it happen (or deciding outright not to).

Very often you already know what’s right, what’s good for you and what you should be doing, but still you hesitate.


Is it fear or anxiety?

A lack of clarity?

A sense of shame or guilt?

Lack of confidence in yourself?

Or maybe you’re just indifferent about your life, which essentially means you really don't care strongly enough about anything or anyone else to do anything at all.

The real killer with hesitation though is that it doesn’t allow for that sense of resolution you need to be able to move forward.

We underestimate the importance of getting that sense of ‘resolution’.

Whether it’s a relationship,

or a job,

or moving house,

or choosing a school for your child (or not),

or a new direction for yourself,

You’ll be much better served by providing your self with some closure and then moving forward.

Resolving something is not about making the right decision, it’s merely about deciding.

Sometimes you don’t know what the right decision is until after the fact, but that’s ok, because ultimately deciding is a way of learning what’s good for you and should be valued as such.

There are no real lessons to be learned in hesitating and; there's no real sense of resolution in hesitating, ever - either for you, or for anyone waiting on you.

Why is this important?

Because if you want to be an active participant in your life (instead of a passive observer); you’re going to have to take some initiative.

It’s difficult to orientate your life towards a specific direction, if you don’t take responsibility in making that happen.

This is what intentional living is ultimately about.

It’s about getting clear and moving forward, actively allowing for the conditions to form so you can reconnect with the truest parts of your nature and then align with fundamentally what’s important to you.

One thing I can tell you as a certainty, no one is going to do it for you.

There really is no point in making excuses if you’re constantly in a state of hesitation - nothing is likely to change if you don't do anything different.

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