Setting Goals Won't Get You There

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I’ve never liked the idea of setting goals.

Even as a professional in the sports industry, working with athletes I always found the exercise around setting goals pretty limiting.

The problem with setting goals is you get attached to the idea of a very specific outcome.

Sure the outcome is important, but the very definition of result means it’s the end product of some kind of process that preceded it.

For example, this can be said to be a result of that.

That is, you do something and as a result of a particular process (or performance), there is a consequence or particular outcome.

With the focus so much on goals, it’s easy to lose site of the process and it’s in the process that the magic happens.

Instead of ‘goal setting’ I use the word mapping.

Mapping is a way or orientating your life in a way that allows you to move in a particular direction and approach things in a particular way.

It’s about understanding your landscape and navigating your way around it with greater confidence.

It’s about understanding what you can and cannot control.