The Dao

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

In Chinese philosophy, The Dao simply refers to ‘The Way’

It’s the single principle underlying the universe, combining theories of yin and yang with codes of behaviour that are in harmony with the natural order.

It's offshoot of Taoism is very much about alignment with the cycles, seasons and the order derived from the natural universe.

We often look to the east for inspiration and wisdom, seeking ancient insights that will make our lives somehow more balanced and peaceful.

When considering The Dao, let's be clear, it makes reference to ‘The Way’, so the suggestion is that a code of behaviour actually exists that will bring you into greater harmony with that of the natural order.

Suggesting that there is ‘a way’ or a ‘natural order’ at all would seem contradictory to the general rhetoric emanated in modern pop culture, that the self, your own subjective opinion is the only one that matters.

See the problem we have is, that we don’t like to follow too many rules.

We will for some things, but seemingly not for other – the fact that you have the ability to make choices, affords you that.

This has inevitably lead to the religion of no religion and the belief of non belief. Meaning, you take only that suits you and your lifestyle and you discard the rest as insignificant.

This can be a dangerous game, fraught with uncertainty and pitfalls as you try and navigate yourself through life on your own terms.

The Dao suggests that there is an order that exists whether you believe it or not, the only point is, are you going to get on board with it?