• Michael Dahdal

How Will You Spend Your 24?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

‘I don’t have time’ is a cop out.

There are 24 hours in my day, how many hours in yours?

Let me guess, also 24?

The point being, we all have the same amount time to work with, how you spend it comes back exclusively to the choices you make on a daily basis.

In an ideal world, those choices would be fundamentally based on what you consider a priority.

Let’s say you’ve wanted to catch up with a friend for some time and your friend tells you how busy she’s been and that she hasn’t had time.

Let’s get clear, what your friend is really saying, ‘you’re not a priority right now’.

Likewise, when you say ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I haven’t had time’ – what you’re really saying is; that this just ain’t a priority!

Consciously you may have convinced yourself it’s a priority, but your actions don’t reflect it, so there’s the first disconnect.

We all want something.

To be healthier

To travel more

To provide for our family

To enjoy time with our family

To be more social or more active

But we simply don’t seem to prioritise any of it.

The thing with priorities is that to have one thing, you may need to give up on something else - as your time is limited.

You need to work to earn money? No problem, that makes sense. How much money do you need exactly, what for and at what cost?

You want to get healthy, but you don’t have time to eat better or to be active? So what are you prioritising over your health exactly?

The point is, not to complain about not having time for stuff – instead have a think about how you’re spending it exactly and whether that reflects what you consider important.

So tomorrow is a new day, how will you spend your 24?

#time #intention

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