Like A Fish Out Of Water

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

There’s a reason a fish lives in water, it’s the environment that’s best suited to not only its survival, but also its ability to thrive.

I’m not sure why it is that way, but I know that it is - that's how nature played out.

This leads me to another question; if clean un spoilt water is the ideal natural environment for a fish, then what is the ideal natural environment for man? How did nature intend this for us?

Is it in big apartment blocks surrounded by concrete?

Is it in the midst of the jungle?

Is it by the ocean or natural water springs?

Is it a combination of all?

We have medicines now that keep us alive longer, but there is an argument to be had for length of life Vs our quality of life, which is more important?

And then there is the issue of preventable diseases. These are diseases brought on by lifestyle factors almost exclusively. Who know's maybe we'd actually live longer and better in our natural environment if we knew how to?

So then, what do you consider a quality life and what role does your relationship with nature play in that?

Whether you’re an atheistic evolutionary biologist or a believer in something more, the same question has to be answered.

Are you currently in the ideal environment for which