• Michael Dahdal

A Matter Of Priorities

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

You may not quite realise it yet, but every time you make a decision you’re saying something about your priorities or the lack thereof.

The point of having priorities is to try and orientate your life in such a way that how you live it genuinely reflects your needs and aspirations.

The way in which that happens is by the choices you make, every choice, in every minute of every hour of every single day.

Whether you should go out or not?

Whether you should buy or not?

Whether you should exercise or not?

Whether you should travel or not?

Whether you should call or visit a friend or not?

Whether you should work or not?

Whether you should say yes or no?

What you should spend your time on?

What you should spend your money on?

Each decision you make is a direct reflection of what you value most; which ultimately leads to the formation of your priorities.

Your values lead to your priorities, your priorities guide your decisions and your choices should never operate independent of that process.

There’s obviously a certain level awareness that you may need to develop in order to be effective, especially when first starting out – but it seems reasonable that if you need direction, you may also need a metaphorical compass to help you navigate your way through life and that's what being clear on your priorities provides.

If you're feeling like your life sometimes lacks that sense of meaning, it may have something to do with the misalignment between what you consider important (your priorities) and the choices you actually make for yourself everyday.

The challenge for you then is to bring your life into better alignment, so that how you’re actually living remains a true reflection of who you are fundamentally at your core.

Anything less than that is bordering on hypocrisy and reflects a failure on your part to assume greater responsibility for your own circumstance.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you do have a part to play in how your life turns out and that usually starts with getting your priorities in order.

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