The Fruits Of Your Labour

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Work is supposed to be an extension of you. You reap what you sow; a direct link between effort and reward.

It’s in your nature to be productive, to make a contribution, to add value.

In days gone by, before the onset of industrialisation, there was a direct connection between the work you did and the value you both produced and received.

Work was never supposed to rob us of our humanity; work in essence; is supposed to help us sustain life, nothing more and nothing less.

Today it’s more about building wealth.

Marketers have very cleverly blurred the lines between needs and wants, so we often work for what we want (or think we want) and not for what we essentially need.

We live to work; not work to live.

We spend so much time at work that we very seldom stop to evaluate our connection to the work we do.

How would your life be different; if your whole approach to work was different?