Simple Vs Easy

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Life is simple, but life is not easy.

No one ever said life was meant to be easy.

If you look at nature as your ultimate example, it’s beautiful, but also harsh.

Nothing about nature is easy, but everything about nature is simple.

You see, nature has an order and everything knows where everything else fits. You adapt to the order of things, or you die, simple.

Nature sticks to the essentials; it’s a need, or its useless excess – everything serves a purpose.

There’s nothing confusing or complex about it, it’s just the way it is.

We, as human’s, with all our freedoms, our wealth, our privilege and our ability to choose from an infinite amount of options, have complicated things for ourselves.

We don't like to follow any rules; but that’s not how nature intended it.

Letting go is not easy. Knowing yourself is not easy. Setting boundaries is not easy. Living true to your values is not easy. Going to work everyday is not easy. Being present is not easy. Gaining clarity is not ea