Putting Your Back Against The Wall

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military strategist used to do this interesting thing.

When his men were out-numbered he would back them up against a mountain range so essentially there would be no escape.

His reason?

When forced to literally fight for their lives, he would get the best out of them.

The men would have no choice but to give everything they had, because their lives literally depended on it. They would consistently achieve victory, even when largely outnumbered.

To a casual observer, this seems crazy, but there is a method to his madness.

When faced with the option of fight or flight – most would inevitably choose flight as it offers the surest and easiest way to survival.

This makes sense, but it does have its drawbacks if a ‘victory’ is what you’re trying to achieve.

Taking away the route of escape (your plan B) will essentially force you into action.

This could mean:

Quitting your job without a back up plan.

Moving to another city where you don’t know anyone.