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Natures Rhythm And You

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Everything works in rhythms.

Your heart beats to a rhythm.

Sounds waves have a rhythm.

Light waves have a rhythm.

The wind blows to a rhythm.

The seasons have a rhythm, same as the tides, the sun and the moon.

Then there is the circadian rhythm, which is essentially a 24-hour cycle (or clock) in which biological processes respond or react to changes in the environment observed over a 24-hour period.

It’s observed in plants and animals and you, as a human, are also subject to it.

It’s the reason you need to sleep and eat everyday (among other things).

So in essence, nature has an order and in many ways it dictates how you should live your life for optimal health, performance and wellbeing.

The whole of the plant and animal species seem to grasp this concept, but humans tend to be the only ones who fight against it.

Instead of humbling ourselves to nature’s forces, we try to overcome and conquer them – not respecting it and putting ourselves above it.

Almost as if to be so naïve to believe that the natural order somehow doesn’t apply to us!?

Well, I tell you, it does.

Does it sometimes feel like you’re swimming against the current, like there’s always all this resistance that you’re working against and things are much more difficult (and complicated) than they should or need to be?

If that’s the case, then it’s most likely because of a misalignment between how you’re living your life and how nature intended you to live it.

The social (and often commercial) pressures to conform sometimes work contrary to natures order.

Your disconnect from not only nature but YOUR true nature will create a dilemma, like something may always be slightly off, like there’s a hole that needs to be filled, like there’s always something missing.

The natural world is there to ultimately sustain life – but instead of taking only what we need from it, we exploit it, go beyond what’s actually required and in the process sever our relationship with it.

So the point is, to reconcile, to make peace with it, to align.

So how then do you begin the journey back to re-alignment with your nature?

The first step is to better understand it; to better understand yourself and to better understand the relationship between yourself and the natural universe.

Then it’s about looking in much greater depth at the ways the modern world enhances that disconnect. And finally;

looking at practical ways to begin mending those bridges; and ultimately reconnect and move in better sync with those rhythms again.

This could mean spending more time in and with nature.

In what and how you eat.

In re-examining your sleep cycle

In re-examining your various relationships.

In re-examining how you move (or don’t move).

In re-examining all the ‘things’ you own and use.

But ultimately in gaining a greater appreciation that you are part of a greater universe and that working in harmony with it will enrich your life in so many ways.

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