• Michael Dahdal

What I Learned This Year

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I learned patience.

I learned the beauty that exists in humility.

I learned to speak less and listen more.

I learned that God exists.

I learned to trust again.

I learned that no one is perfect, this includes me.

I learned that actions do truly speak louder than words

Ignorance is not bliss.

I learned that success is showing up every single day and doing the best I can with what I’ve got.

I learned that human nature is unique, which makes us all unique.

I learned the real value of time.

I learned that communication needs to be clear, simple and to the point.

I learned at some deeper level, we all just want the same things.

I learned that there is no stagnation, I’m either growing or I’m decaying.

I learned the true value of meaningful relationships.

I learned that putting others before myself is not a bad thing.

I learned that ‘sacrifice’ is not a bad word if used right.

I learned that I have a low tolerance for hypocrisy.

I learned the power of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

I learned the importance of valuing and honouring those around me.

I learned the importance of having conviction

I learned that sitting on the fence, gets me no where.

I learned that it's ok to have an opinion and it's ok to pick sides.

There is right and wrong.

I learned the power of eye contact.

I learned that truth, integrity and authenticity are invaluable assets.

I learned that fear is my friend, not my enemy.

I learned how difficult yet rewarding it is to raise a young family.

I learned that great wisdoms lay with our elders and we need to cherish them more.

I learned that injustice is a fact of life and as an individual the greatest contribution I can make is how I treat others.

I learned the real meaning of gratitude.

I learned that I can't change the world.

I learned how to accept love.

I learned not to take things so personal.

I learned the importance of persistence and consistency.

I learned that every single person I met this year, has helped me grow in some way.

I learned that the future is filled with hope and beauty; sometimes I just need to have the courage to go out and reach for it.

So, What Did You Learn This Year?

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