• Michael Dahdal

Are You Active or Passive?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I’m not talking about exercise, I mean in a broader sense.

Are you an active participant in your own life, or a passive observer?

Do you make things happen, or do things happen to you?

Are you a victim of your circumstance, or are you active in trying to change it?

My point is, so many of us are waiting for somebody else to do it for us, to give us a job, or introduce us to the right people, to invest their money, to give us that promotion or start a business for us.

Why won’t anyone give you a break you ask?

I say, why don't you give yourself a break!?

Regardless of which tradition you come from or what your worldview is, one thing that we can all probably agree on is that YOU have the gift of ‘FREE WILL’, that is:

The ability to choose,

The ability to accept or reject,

The ability to react or respond,

The ability to quit or keep at it,

The ability to do something or do nothing,

I’m under no illusions, some of us, based on our circumstances, have more options than others – but ‘I don’t have a choice’ is a myth, an excuse we tell ourselves to shirk our responsibilities.

The question is not whether you have a choice or not, the question is whether you’re willing to live with the consequences of the choices that you do make.

In actual fact, the more limited your options, the more creative you get to be!

We must 'play the hand we are dealt', but the point is that you play, to be in the game - thats where all the magic happens.

To a degree, you are the captain of your own ship and you have to navigate your way through life – you're given a set of circumstances, some conditions you need to work with - there will be some rough seas and some calm ones, but that’s not the issue, the issue is whether you're sailing it or allowing yourself to drift away with the currents?

Do you know where you’re going?

Do you have a compass?

Are you leading or being lead?

Taking meaningful action is an art, the lower your level of motivation, the stronger must your will be.

The point is, to always live your life 'on purpose'.

To be present; to be an active participant and not just a casual observer and of course to learn to ditch the excuses.

You'll feel more productive, your life will feel more meaningful, more fulfilling. You'll feel like you're making a difference, like you're adding value - that you're making a contribution.

Success is not about some outcome that needs to be achieved, it’s about continuing to show up and doing what needs to be done to the best of your abilities.

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