In The Piazza, Where Else?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

'Piazza’ (noun) def : a public square or marketplace, especially in an Italian town.

If you manage to drive around most of southern Europe, through the villages and the countryside, particularly in Spain and Italy, you’ll notice something pretty cool.

You’ll notice a church in the centre of the village that opens onto a public square; known in Italian simply as ‘La Piazza’ (The Piazza).

The Piazza forms the centre of communal life.

People would commonly worship on a Sunday morning, then after church they would spill out into the square to catch up on the weekly gossip, enjoy a meal with the family or just hang out with friends.

Not only does this Sunday ritual allow people the time to connect, but also the physical space to do so as well.

You’ll find that the place of worship and ‘the square’ are generally at the heart of any village or town – society is constructed around it.

This is by design – not coincidence.

It’s undoubtedly a form of ‘social engineering’; a very conscious and deliberate way in which to structure a society.