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What A Difference A Day Makes!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping outside your window.

You peak outside to notice the sun rising and glance at your clock and realise that you still have a couple of hours before you need to get to work - but you are under no illusions, your day has already started.

You take a moment to sit outside on your balcony before anyone else is up, you drink your tea, close your eyes and take a moment to breath in that crisp morning air.

You decide not to go for your morning walk today and that’s totally ok, nothing to feel guilty about!

You glare at your phone for a second, notice all the messages and decide to ignore them for the moment – you’ll check them when you’re ready.

You shower, get dressed and cycle to work.

You can’t wait to get to work, because you don’t plan on just sitting there and making up the numbers, but there are things you want to get done.

You don’t want to just 'go to work' in the colloquial sense, you want to make a difference, so you actually plan on being productive.

You get in a little early, you clear your inbox, respond to all the messages and then you get to it.

You manage to have a very productive day!

On your way home, you drop into your local bakery and pick up some fresh bread and groceries.

You walk through the door, your house is a mess, the family is in limbo – but you decide at that point, that it’s not such a big deal.

You tidy up quickly make your way to the kitchen, put on some music and cook up a storm!

The family sits down together and shares a meal.

As your evening unwinds you get ready for bed, put your phone away, no lap top, just a good old-fashioned book to bring your day to a close.

You didn’t change the world today or do anything extraordinary for that matter – but everything was exactly where it needed to be.

You left nothing unresolved and did what needed to be done - you could lay your head down in peace.

All in all, it was a good day!

You didn’t go to any gyms or classes, but that’s ok, the moment you spent on the balcony in the morning was your meditation. You’ve made sure that you have a morning ritual and evening ritual that keeps your day in balance.

You cycle to work, so you are active.

At work, you make sure you are productive. You feel satisfied, like you actually make a difference. You add value and your contribution means something!

You make sure you prioritise some time, to not only consider what you eat, but how you eat it and whom you share your meal with.

Whether you know it yet or not, the whole natural world works on this same 24-hour cycle.

Your day will have its moments of ups and downs and it’s various stresses. You won’t be in balance for every single moment, that’s difficult for any normal person to do – but that’s ok, because you have 24 hours to ensure your day completes it’s full cycle, how nature intended it to.

These circadian rhythms are part of your nature, part of all nature, the animal kingdom, the trees, flowers and the tides of the oceans.

Yesterday is long gone and tomorrow does not yet exist – but what you do have is today to make everything right.

What a difference a day makes!

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