• Michael Dahdal

What Makes Your Nature Unique?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The problem when we speak of human nature is that we limit our understanding almost exclusively to what we know of the science of evolution and biology.

We study animals and then make certain assumptions about humans. Humans after all, are animals – so what applies to animal, must also apply to human, right?

To a large extend, there is some truth to that – humans are indeed animals, mammals to be precise. On the other hand, by embracing only our animal nature, it reduces us to nothing more than animals.

So why then do we confuse animal nature with human nature?

Is there even a difference?

What is the difference?

If we don’t embrace our unique human qualities, then can we even consider ourselves human at all?

So what then, makes humans unique?

What is the role of nature and what is the role of human in nature?

Is human nature purely physical and biological, or is there more to it?

On the surface, these seem like large existential questions that have no relevance to how you live your life today – but I would beg to differ.

What if you are today living contrary to your truest nature – what if in fact, you are actually in a constant struggle against it?

How would that impact your health, your state of mind, your relationships, your energy, your over all wellbeing?

Is our obsession for seeking pleasure and avoiding pain more aligned with of our animal nature or our human nature?

Can pain sometimes be considered good and can pleasure sometimes be considered bad?

Does good and bad exist; is that even a thing?

My intention is not to confuse you, its more to get you to shed a light on questions that may be at play at your very core without you even realising - questions you may not ever take the time to consider.

I believe that only by reconciling your understanding of these questions can you begin to embrace the whole of your humanity.

I understand this is not your typical discussion – but I do think it’s an important one.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments and I'd be more than happy to keep this conversation flowing.

Interested in this topic? See the talk by Dr. Robert Sapolsky on The Uniqueness of Humans

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