Spiritual Warfare and Picking Sides

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

As soon as one invokes the word ‘spiritual’, there is an implication of something beyond the physical, something that transcends this world we live in; another mystical realm of some sort that is vast and infinite and perhaps even ‘impossible’ to comprehend!?

Most of today’s wellness practices will invoke some sense of ‘Mind, Body & Soul’, but what you may not realise, is that as soon as you speak of the soul, then inevitably you are lead to the acceptance of ‘spirituality’ at some level, in this post-modern age, this form of spiritually is usually grounded in eastern religions, practices, philosophies and many other forms of mysticism.

As soon as one invokes the words ‘Soul’ or ‘Spirit’; in either teaching or in practice, then it’s only natural that one should also try to form a deeper understanding of what this 'spiritual' realm actually entails; at this point it would also make sense to invite the notion of ‘God’ into the conversation and all the workings of the universe; to try and get some sense of truth of the matter.

This is where it begins to get interesting.

Consider; If we speak of Love, we must speak of Hate, as love cannot exist without hate. You cannot speak of light, without speaking of darkness, as darkness by definition is the absence of light. So then, if there is good, there must be bad, otherwise, there is only indifference. We know there are physical laws that govern the universe, is it beyond the realm of possibility or even comprehension that there may also be spiritual laws set out for us?

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, how do you decide what’s good or bad, right or wrong? Is it good or bad by how it makes you feel or by how it makes others feel? Can something make you feel good and actually be bad for you? Can something feel bad and actually be good for you? Can you do the ‘right’ thing, and it hurts, or do the ‘wrong’ thing and it feels good? Does morality also come into the spiritual conversation, or is this something you just figure out on your own and set out for yourself?