Bringing 'Detox' Into Greater Focus

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Toxic food, toxic waste, toxic water, toxic air, toxic clothes, toxic make-up, toxic shampoos, toxic creams, toxic sprays and perfumes.

Toxic thoughts, toxic habits, toxic work, toxic relationships, toxic people, toxic beliefs, a toxic economy, toxic society, toxic politics and toxic ideas.

Although it may be a nudge in the right direction, ‘detoxing’ is not just about spending a week in Thailand cleansing your colon, its much more than that.

It’s about re-examining your whole relationship with things and streamlining your life, simplifying it, so everything you have or do serves a purpose, ultimately bringing some value into your life.

If it doesn’t serve you, then it's perhaps best to 'detox it'.

At the core of detoxing is usual health, vitality and longevity, but what's often overlooked is simplicity, smoothness and flow.

The only resistance you should be feeling is the resistance (or friction) you invite into your life (intentionally); and even then; that resistance should serve some purpose.

The old saying ‘do what makes you happy’ I find very misleading, I prefer to say ‘do less things that make you unhappy’.

That means quit the job if it causes you stress,

get rid of the junk that makes you unhealthy,

stop spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need,