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The 4-Keys to Designing a Life You Love

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Everyone always asks me how is it that I can do what I love to do? I think it’s a funny question, how can I not? Times are changing and you will start hearing a lot more about “Lifestyle Design” , ultimately meaning, taking control of your life and making decisive decisions that allow you to spend your time where you feel it’s the most meaningful and valuable.

Owning your own time is one of the greatest challenges of our day, the world can be a scary place, currently there are some great global shifts occurring with lots of uncertainty. In short, taking steps to wrestle some control back of your own life is ultimately what lifestyle design is about. To keep things simple, I’ve identified 4 areas you will need to consider if you want to start putting the pieces in place to bring some clarity and harmony back into your life.

1. Know Yourself

If you don’t know yourself, or avoid looking at yourself in the mirror because you may be a little afraid of what you might see, then it will be almost impossible to live a life that you feel you’re in complete harmony with. Sometimes we need to heal before we thrive and a little vulnerability goes a long way.

This is not about your passions, hobbies or desires – this about understanding who you are fundamentally at your core. What do you stand for? What do you value? What do you find meaning in? What drives you? What scares you? What inspires you? What really is going on in that universe inside of you and why in the world do you do the things you do?

2. Know Your World

Put your life into proper context.

What are the keys that you will need to consider (in a practical real life sense) to not only survive (which is your fundamental consideration), but also to thrive. What is your measure of success? Where does money and work fit into the equation? How do you begin to address those issues? How did you get here, now? What is the social, economic and political climate you live in, how is this limiting or enabling you?

3. Make Decisions

Once you’ve better understood yourself and your world, then some clarity should start emerging and its time to start connecting the dots and make some decisions. Now notice, I didn’t say make the right decisions, I just said, make decisions (we can talk about this later).

Ultimately to have that alignment between who you are and what you do (how you spend your time), you may need to make some changes (or tweaks). The ultimate power, is your power of choice and it’s amazing how many people have lost that power and how many times I still hear the words “I don’t have a choice”.

4. Have Courage

So you’ve got it all figured out, but you’ll soon realise that nothing ever changes unless you’re ready and willing to take some action. In fairness, I have met and worked with people that have lots of courage, or have worked up the courage, but they skipped all of the above. Now you don’t have to have it all figured out before making a move, but you’ll find that by giving these things some serious consideration, it will start to make more sense and the process is where all the fun is.

Fear is a common theme that most people will never be able to reconcile. Courage doesn’t mean you overcome fear, or that you have to approach life without fear, it means moving forward in spite of it.

If you’ve been contemplating making some life changes, then we would love to hear from you or register your interest in our upcoming lifestyle design programs.

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