4 Reasons You Need to Experience Solo Travel

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Solo travel is an experience unto itself. You can visit the same locations, but travel on your own and you’ll experience them differently again. Many of us are reluctant to travel alone, leaving your comfort zone, the safety and security of what and who is familiar can be a daunting experience.

The old adage that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” may hold some truth, one cannot seriously expect to grow without sometimes taking that leap of faith and venturing into the unknown. Although the list of reasons is long, here are the top four reasons why you need to experience solo travel.

See what you’re made of

Without a familiar shoulder to lean on, or someone to hold your hand, you are forced to make decisions and solve problems on your own. Connecting with new social circles, finding your way around, navigating the unfamiliar terrain all help with developing your character and building your resilience.

You’ll most likely find that you’re much more capable than you realized, you just never gave yourself an opportunity to shine.

Go with your flow

Being responsible for others is a gift, but it can also be exhausting. Having to make endless compromises can sometimes diminish the richness of what could have been. The rare occasion you get to travel alone, you are able to go with your own flow without having to overthink it, removing some layers of complexity that can often exist when travelling with others.

This can be a liberating experience and allow you to flow into places and situations you may have not otherwise ever experienced.

Get to know yourself

When was the last time you got to enjoy your own company? Do you even know who you are anymore? Sometimes amidst the noise of everyday life you can lose that unique essence that makes you, well, you. Traveling solo can be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with that inner child all over again, you may even start to wonder where you’ve been hiding?!