Losing My Religion?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I’m guessing that if you’ve clicked on this article you’re expecting to read an account of how I have abandoned traditional religion for some form of new age spirituality. That’s not quite the case, so you may be a little disappointed.

There was a period where I really grappled with religion and even with the whole notion of spirituality. For the best part of well over a decade, I didn’t just lose my religion; I lost all my spiritual senses along with it. I was taught, in no uncertain terms, that science was the only truth, the light and the way and for a long time, I believed it. However, I persisted in asking the big questions and I kept coming up short.

Was science really the new religion? Could there be nothing else, is this it? Was science the only way to gather evidence, was it the only way to find answers, was it the only standard on which to judge the universe, find meaning, find purpose or even more dramatically prove that there is no meaning at all, just a sequence of random, unrelated, meaningless events that put us here?

Was there really a competition and disconnect between science & faith or was this a myth? Doesn’t science assume that for any man made creation, there must be an agent, some kind of intelligence behind it (dare i say a creator)? Could the same standards, logic or arguments be used for the creation of the universe? Something so sophisticated, so finely tuned; could this not be as a result of some form of intelligence too?

I later found readings on the philosophy of science and philosophy of religion and became convinced that science didn’t or in fact couldn’t prove or disprove anything; it was based on a set of assumptions, which lead to certain conclusions and grew our understanding of how things acted or reacted under certain conditions (more or less). Science provided enough evidence to warrant certain beliefs, or draw certain conclusions. (Which sounded oddly familiar).

The 'scientific method' makes absolute and complete sense, any reasonable person cannot disregard it, but what’s equally reasonable is our understanding of its limitations. Although science could shed light on how things may work, the conditions in which they work and predict the outcomes based on replicating those conditions, it could never really explain questions related to why things came to be?

Is there more to this 'physical’ life or is this 'it'? Would love to hear your views..