3 ‘Must-Know’ Tips If You’re New to Wellness Travel

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

'Wellness Travel' is one of the fastest growing sectors in travel, but very few people know what its all about. Wellness works across such a broad spectrum, it’s difficult to 'put in a box' and can mean different things to different people.

So, what tips can we give you as a wellness traveler, if you’re not even sure if you fit into that category? Well, rather than trying to give you a universal understanding, we will quickly highlight some tips that we believe are important and may help guide you along the way.

1. It’s about being, not doing

If you want a holiday filled with site seeing, jumping on and off a bus, sticking to a strict schedule and ticking off a list of things to see and do, then you’re probably better off going on a Contiki or Intreprid tour.

We feel that so much of your experience is lost when you’re racing against the clock, taking an infinite amount of photos of famous landmarks and checking off a list. Wellness travel to us means being fundamentally 'present'. We recommend you try to let go and trust a little, enjoy each moment as it presents itself. Things may not always flow how you expected, but that’s ok, it’s all part of the journey.

Immerse yourself in your surroundings and the world seems so much more beautiful. If you focus too much on your destination, you may just miss all the roses along the way. It’s the simple moments and little insights that tend to make all the difference.

2. Its not a retreat, nor an escape - it’s a journey

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. If you think your life is going to transform by booking a holiday, you may have missed the point. Life is a journey and travel is such an enriching part of that journey, it allows you to understand that there is a whole world out there outside your little bubble and it helps you put things into perspective.