Discovering Ubud – Bali’s Cultural & Spiritual Heartbeat

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Bali is not without its critics; the tourism mecca that makes up the ‘love’ component in the famous ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ remains one of the go-to destinations in all the commercial travel guides.

But far removed from the infamous Kuta and Seminyak is a small town, comprised of 14 villages nestled amongst rice terraces. The natural surrounds like lungs that breath in life; the blend of serenity and cultural vibrancy a yin and yang, offering a perfectly synchronistic heartbeat, keeping the island firmly grounded.

Ubud has a recorded history which dates back to the eighth century, when the Javanese Hindu priest Rsi Marhandya came to Bali from Java, and meditated at the confluence of the two Wos rivers at Campuan. In many ways, the history of Ubud is the very history of Bali itself.