Where Are You On The Financial Food Chain?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

‘Financial Food Chain’, is a term I recently coined as I feel it’s a little more accurate considering the global financial system and the context we find ourselves living in.

The issue of money always seems to come up in conversation; it’s a hot topic and seems to be the source of much of our decision-making. It can perhaps be considered one of our greatest sources of ‘freedom’, yet also our greatest source of fear and anxiety. There’s a whole heap of contradictions that come into play when we talk about money.

Where in nature, the food chain is very much part of the eco system, we seem to have created a new eco system where the food chain is very much linked to our financial wealth. We find ourselves always looking over the fence, comparing ourselves with others, trying to keep our place in the food chain.

So where are you on the financial food chain? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re probably somewhere in the top 1-7%. Perhaps we need to start asking ourselves, how much is enough? Can we differentiate between needs and wants; between greed and necessity? Is more always better?

There are reasons the economy is structured the way it is and there is a reason we have become so reliant on it. It’s all quite deliberate and sometimes we need to take a moment to consider this, to begin replacing desire with gratitude and to begin the process of freeing ourselves from ourselves.

Change the way you see the world.

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