Baby Got Some Moves

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself why or how a baby can dance? I mean, no one taught him/her how to dance, but at the sound of music, they shake it, kick their legs, bounce up and down, side to side, or bop their head.

Baby got some moves.

Not sure anyone has the definitive answer as to why this occurs, but lets consider this for a moment. Sounds transmit as vibrations of energy (waves of energy) and we (people), are made of energy, little vibrations of energy at a sub-atomic level.

If anyone remembers the tuning fork experiments from high school, then you’ll understand that sound waves resonate. One tuning fork will resonate with another tuning fork of the same frequency – yes, they speak to each other, sound travels and the other tuning fork begins to omit sound at the same frequency.

So could it possible that the vibrations of energy omitted at various frequencies from music, resonate with the vibrations of energy in us? If this is the case and we are in fact made up of vibrations of energy, then doesn’t that open up the world up to a whole new realm of possibilities?

Energy resonates all around us. People’s energies vibrate at certain frequencies and it may or may not be resonate with ours? There is an ongoing exchange of energy between all people and things, nature and humans, animals and humans, human to human. Some vibrate at higher frequencies than others, you may or may not be able to explain it scientifically, but you feel it.

In groups, more energy, you get the buzz.

Have you ever experienced someone walking into a room and without them even saying a word you get a sense, either good sense or a certain uneasiness that you just can’t explain. Could it be possible that you are picking up on a certain vibration (of energy) he/she may be omitting? Can people's energy resonate with each other (or not)?

Sounds like something out of science fiction right? But it’s not, it's kind of more like high school science meets quantum physics (think string theory). So it may just be possible that this is in fact just how it is, giving us plenty to consider when we develop a perspective on how we view the world. Worldview after all is the lens in which we see and interpret everything around us.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of