So, What's Stopping You?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We all know the saying if it’s not broke then don’t fix it. But what if something isn’t broken, but isn’t quite working right? What if the flow has shifted? Do we not fix it? Do we not attempt to change something?

I have been pondering this for a while.

Things just don’t seem quite right. Do I keep going or do I make a change? It sounds rather simple when given this scenario. Make a change is the obvious answer. It is a no brainer right? (maybe not).

When a specific context is given, such as friendships, marriage, family, work, housing, or geographical location, layers of complication are added. Consideration is given to many things. What happened to the no brainer response you may ask? My take is that the decision is still a no brainer, however the impact, often fear of the unknown, is something that I give much weight to and this in a sense does weigh me down.

I have come up with three key options to help keep things simple. I am trying to live by these (though it does prove challenging at times).

1. If it is broke, then change something.

Life shouldn’t be a series of events and circumstances that you do not enjoy. It is that simple. If we do not enjoy something or it has lost purpose then it’s definitely time to change some aspect of your life. This could be something as simple as riding a bike to work instead of driving so that you are able to exercise, breath in all that life has to offer (metaphorically speaking for those of you living in a heavily polluted city) and engage with your community. Not a drastic change but a change that has impact and can bring purpose to your commute.

2. If things aren’t broken, but aren’t quite right, then change something.

Life should not be about going through the motions and living in a state of mediocrity without a sense of purpose. A mediocre life may seem stable and secure, but I wonder if we ever really grow if we are going through the motions of life and not taking chances, risks and opening ourselves up to all the world has to offer? Who wants to live in a state of limbo - I know that I don’t.

3. If things are great, then change something anyway.