Love Thyself

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I was asked to write an article about life so I opened my laptop and proceeded to open a new blank document, then it hit me, I still don’t have the faintest idea what to write about, this led me to another thought. I found myself staring at this new blank document thinking what if that document is my life, what will I write in it.


This is the first thing I found myself writing - love. If I want to start my journey from point zero, I would write the word love, then repeat it again and again and again. Now every reader has his or her own notion of what love is. So, let me ask you first; what is love for you? I’ll pause here so you can really think about it. Really deep, please steer away from the one-dimensional Hollywood notion of love and think about it, what is it exactly??

To me love and life is the one thing, it’s a journey that starts simple in the womb and then it gets muddled and complicated as we grow older. Every single one of us seeks love in one-way or another. We spend our life seeking the love of others, our parents, our siblings, our school teachers, friends, partners, children, and grandchildren, God. But we forget the most important person that we should love - ourselves. It took me a long time to realise that it’s impossible to truly love if you don’t start the journey of love by loving yourself.

I hear someone complaining.

‘But I never loved myself and I’ve been in love a few times in my life, some were even intense and so consuming that I even totally forgot myself' ..

In truth this intense consuming love is just an addiction to someone else’s energy, it fills in the void in your soul but comes with fear - the fear of loss. So what does happen if the statistics prove right and I do lose my love? I'll need to go back and be by myself, a self I still haven’t learned to love. This dynamic often results in obsessive love where the love is intense but not comfortable because it comes with fear of loss, and with fear of loss comes the desire to own. True love is comfortable.

You think I missing the point about love. You say "why? Love is passion! How can we passionate and comfortable? Comfort dulls the passion, and pain and suffering is part of true love?"

I say back to you that in truth you have experienced comfort and passion both tangled in one before without knowing it. We all have had glimpses of it. Have you one day woke up in a good mode, the sun is up, you go outside and hear the birds, walk smell the fresh air, for a second you are one with nature. At that exact moment you feel comfort, but also energy and passion. This is because you are in union with nature. For that moment you allowed yourself