• Michael Dahdal

What it Means to Be a Villager

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The village life can be romanticised, the simple life, community, fruits and vegetables from your garden – peaceful, quiet, close to nature.

If you grew up in a village however, you may see it completely differently, people that won’t mind their own business, no privacy, nothing to do, nothing to see..

So, what does it mean to be a villager?

Needless to say, the village is ultimately about community, about meaning and about belonging.

Yes, it can be overwhelming, but it’s also nice to know your neighbours, be greeted by your fellow villagers when you’re walking to the local piazza for a coffee or enjoying a tea with a serve of fresh herbs.

My sentiments are that somewhere along the way we got a little lost, we have never been more connected, yet are more isolated than ever, we have never had more things, but never been so depressed, never had more food but less nutrition, known more people, but had less friends.

The village is not for everyone, but it is a place where you can go and feel at home, where you know that people are there, they care, they share.

You’ll never starve; you’ll never be short of a shoulder to lean or someone to talk to.

It’s ultimately about coming home, about belonging and about contributing to something greater than ourselves.

The village is not so much where you live, but more a state of mind, to me it means you value community, you value connection, you value meaningful social interaction.

We are all on a journey of some kind, who better to share that journey with than with people that care, listen and understand.

If the village life is not for you, then that’s ok, but just know, that no matter where life takes you, you can always check back in and feel confident that it will be like you never left.

I hope to see you around the village for a chat sometime.

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