• Michael Dahdal

Why You Shouldn't Jump on the Organic Bandwagon

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

That’s right I said it. You shouldn’t.

Make no mistake, organic is definitely in. It’s becoming more accessible, we are becoming more socially conscious and gosh it’s exciting. But my question is, why was organic ever out in the first place?

There was a time when everything was organic and we didn’t have to pay for the privilege.

Why does food even have to be labeled organic? Why the urge to let everyone know that we are going to an 'organic café’ or we tried the 'organic almond milk'?

My point in short is that ‘bandwagon’ suggests trend.

Organic should never have become a hipster trend we latch onto to validate how healthy or socially conscious we are. Organic should be the default – perhaps we should be paying more to have chemicals added to our food instead?!

Don’t jump on the organic bandwagon, get familiar with what it means to live organic and reclaim that, maybe get your friends bragging about going to the ‘non-organic’ café instead?!

Change the way you see the world.

#OrganicLiving #permaculture