5 Ways You Know You've Found Your Chi

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

So you might be wondering right now, what in the world is Chi (or Qi) anyway? Is it My “Cheee” Journey or My “Ch-eye” Journey? (it’s pronounced “Chee” for the record).

Chi is the life force and flow of energy we can’t see but may experience.

It’s what binds us all together, it flows like a stream and moves within us and amongst us. It’s the energy that drives us and connects us.

Some suppress it and are in a state of constant conflict with it, others embrace it, understand it and flow with it.

Although Qi Gong (or Chi Gong) has been practiced in the east for thousands of years, the west is only more recently becoming accustomed to it.

Obviously there is a whole lot more that goes into understanding and harnessing Chi, but for now here are 5 ways that you can get a quick sense of whether you have found yours.

1. You have learned to listen to and trust your feelings

and understand that a feeling is the ultimate way we communicate with ourselves. Recognise

If you are able to get a sense of what you’re feeling and when, you can understand and learn to trust it, then you are well on your way to finding your Chi.

2. You feel connected

Chi is an energy that connects all things.

Suppressing the flow of your Chi will not allow you to feel conne