• Michael Dahdal

3 Common Misconceptions About Being a Digital Nomad

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

We’ve all heard or read about it, a young ‘got it together’ couple quit their jobs and earn money whilst traveling, they make millions and they live happily ever after, the end. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

This is what it’s like being a digital nomad, easy right? Well, not really.

The digital nomad movement is really more about reclaiming your time, realigning your values and allowing yourself to spend more time being and doing those things you value most.

It’s about not succumbing to fear, choosing to live and ultimately being engaged in things that are meaningful to you.

The world is fundamentally changing, the economy is changing and a vast majority of us will be forced to become freelancers sooner or later whether we want to or not.

This is the new reality. So before you take the leap, I’d like to share 3 common misconceptions about being a Digital Nomad.

1. You have to be traveling the world

Being able to work from anywhere means exactly that. You can work from anywhere, in your own time.

That includes working from your local café, your bedroom in pyjamas, or on the road in Cambodia somewhere with a decent internet connection.

You don’t have to be traveling to exotic places all year around; you just have the liberty to do so if you wish.

2. You are on a permanent holiday

Nomads tend to be more engaged since they allocate more time working on things that are meaningful to them, but it's not always that easy.

Being able to produce tangible results and generate an income to support your lifestyle is challenging.

As wonderful as the lifestyle may sound, nomads work hard, but tend to be more efficient; they focus on producing results, not on clocking hours.

3. The nomad life is only for single people with no family or other commitments or responsibilities

Right? Wrong!

It has nothing to do with your personal circumstances, but lots to do with a shift in your worldview.

There is a certain mindset that goes with living a life that is ultimately mis-aligned with everything we have been taught about work.

There is a leap of faith; a dance with fear that needs to occur and none of it has anything to do with your personal circumstances.

Actually, being able to work from anywhere in your own time will probably allow you to devote more time to your family and friends.

So what’s stopping you?

Change the way you see the world.


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