We draw our inspiration from the world of high performance sport, combining it with ancient wisdoms extracted from the archives of human history and worlds great traditions, to prepare you for everything that real Life has to offer.



My Chi Journey was conceived in the humble outskirts of Sydney (Australia) in 2014. It was the birth of a simple idea, that life itself has much to teach you, if only you are silent for long enough to listen and look closely enough to see...  

Michael dahDal

Founder My Chi Journey

Michael is the founder and creative force behind My Chi Journey. He has accumulated over two decades of knowledge and experience in the areas of Sport, Coaching, Health and Education. He develops winning systems for governments, NGO's and teams worldwide - and has worked extensively with sports federations, national teams, coaches, elite athletes and within remote communities in some of the worlds most challenging environments. He combines his expertise in developing high performance systems, with deep insights from world history, culture and ancient wisdoms, into a single method designed to prepare you to embrace everything real Life has to offer.


The world seems obsessed with diversity and what makes us all different, we are much more fascinated with what we all share in common. What are those threads that tie us all together, that makes us fundamentally human? These answers are not found in books, nor on the Internet – but only through your lived experience.


In bridging the gap between knowledge and wisdom, between knowing and understanding. In seeing the world as it really is; and facing up to some fundamental truths, those things that have remained unchanged across cultures and across time. 


We are here to guide you on your path towards living the full rich human experience and part of that is recognising that life was never meant to be easy, you were instead meant to be stronger.

So, Let's go.