We are educators at our core. 

We draw our inspiration from nature and world cultures, exploring their rituals and traditions, extracting lessons that can be applied to modern life.  



My Chi Journey was conceived in the humble outskirts of Sydney (Australia) in 2014. It was the birth of a simple idea, that life itself has much to teach you, if only you are silent for long enough to listen and look closely enough to see...  

Michael Dahdal (Founder)

By modern standards, I was winning at life. I’d played by my own rules and was convinced that I knew it all. I was convinced that I had all the answers and if I didn’t, I was free to just make them up as I went.


Oh, how naïve I was.


Only later did I come to realise that I hardly knew anything at all, that I hardly know anything at all. Only later did I come to understand that this world we live in has an order to it, a cosmic structure that you and I are both subject to whether we like it or not.


I came to see that I had chosen to go to war with nature and I wasn’t winning at all.


Despite my university degrees and all my other accomplishments, I can say that the best lessons I ever learned have always come through my lived experience. Through mixing with world cultures and sharing knowledge, only for it to be transformed to wisdom and a deeper understanding.


And despite being an educator, the role I cherish most, is the one of student - being a close observer of life and drawing on all the wisdom that has gone before me.


At birth, you are essentially nothing but pure potential and it is in understanding and fulfilling this potential where your life ultimately finds it's meaning.  I have committed my life to walking the true path that has been laid out before me and I now invite you to do the same.


Feel free to get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you.


The world seems obsessed with diversity and what makes us all different, we are much more fascinated with what we all share in common. What are those threads that tie us all together, that makes us fundamentally human? These answers are not found in books, nor on the Internet – but only through your lived experience.


In bridging the gap between knowledge and wisdom, between knowing and understanding. In seeing the world as it really is; and facing up to some fundamental truths, those things that have remained unchanged across cultures and across time. 


We are here to guide you on your path towards living the full rich human experience and part of that is recognising that life was never meant to be easy, you were instead meant to be stronger.

So, Let's go.

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