"It's taken me a lifetime to grasp matters of life and death, of culture and the individual. On nature and your place in it and the philosophical matters that cut to the heart of what life is ultimately about..."

My story.


So who am I and why My Chi Journey?


It’s difficult for me to define myself other than to say I think I’m a pretty regular guy with a pretty regular upbringing. I’m not quite sure where home is exactly; I grew up in the suburbs of Western Sydney so I can certainly see how that experience has shaped me. Although I don’t live there, a part of me will always feel like that's home.


I wasn’t actually born in Australia – I was born in Jerusalem to an Eastern Orthodox family on Good Friday 1977, that's where it really all began for me. My family moved to Sweden not long after, where I lived in Stockholm for a few years before eventually settling in Australia. So essentially, I lived in 3 countries before I was 8; this has very much set the tone for the rest of my life.


I did all my schooling in Australia and graduated university there. I completed an Applied Science Degree and a Masters Degree in Education.  Other than spending my formative years in Australia I never really felt a personal sense of belonging that tied me to any particular place and although I've only recently reconnected with my roots, today I still feel more accustomed to spending my time on the road.


Like everyone, I’ve lived through my fair share of trials and tribulations – life hasn’t always been easy; but regardless of everything that's happened, life has ultimately led me here. I can say with confidence that I'm much stronger and wiser from the culmination of all my experiences.

Professionally, I always found that both my interests and my expertise intersected beautifully on the sporting field and it is in the sports industry where I have devoted much of my professional life. Sport to me was much more than a game; it was the perfect dress rehearsal for life. You can learn much about a person, simply by observing how they choose to 'play the game'.


It was through fully immersing myself in my practice, in coaching, teaching and training – in applying everything I knew and testing it every week for well over a decade, that I developed my sense for being able to identify both a persons limitations and also what they are truly capable of. 


I've worked extensively with both children and elite athletes, so understanding the processes involved in the development of the individual is what ultimately drove me. I'm also lucky enough to have been mentored by some of the worlds greatest coaches -  which looking back has been an invaluable part of my own development. 


Today, I find myself working more with individuals, small groups, organisations and governments. My experience has taken me to some of the world’s most challenging places; places plagued by conflict, poverty, hunger and disease. I’ve witnessed and experienced first hand the full depths of human suffering but also the pinnacles of human achievement.


I guess it’s this range of unique experiences that has allowed me to funnel everything I know into My Chi Journey and what it offers. I'm now very much devoted to developing this platform to provide you with the opportunity to access the same level of support that I know I would have benefited from whilst trying to navigate my own life.


One thing I know for certain is; that although life isn't easy, you can actually get better at living it. You just need to better understand the nature of the game you’re playing, what the rules are, who are the participants, what’s the purpose, then get clear and creative about how you'd like to approach it.


I know that living life 'well', comes with layers of complexity and it's fair share of questions - but it’s these existential questions that I’ve engaged and grappled with from as early as I can remember. I've been questioning the nature of everything ever since I could walk, talk and think for myself. 


It's taken me a lifetime to grasp matters of life and death, of culture and the individual. On nature and your place in it and the philosophical matters that cut to the heart of what life is ultimately about.


I’ve always been curious about trying to connect all the dots in order to be able to see the bigger picture. There's also something powerful about the formulation and expression of ideas - it's the fundamental exchange of ideas that stretches the realm of possibilities and allows for growth to happen. 


Despite all that, I’d still like to consider myself a practical thinker, that's equally interested in both theory and application. 


From the very beginning, My Chi Journey was always about helping people get better at navigating the very real complexities of life. To enable you to see through the clutter and the noise so you can reconnect, focus and direct your energy towards the things that truly matter.  It’s in this process that I am the most interested, in the small little steps that I know can make all the difference. 


At its heart, My Chi Journey is about living with intention; it's about simplicity; maintaining balance and aligning with how nature intended us all to live. 

I can’t think of any greater satisfaction than being able to provide you with this platform. 


Allowing you to connect and grow with us through unique cultural experiences; through education and training. Through being able to provide you with guidance and support; helping you expand your depth of knowledge, your understanding and your skills as you grapple with the challenges, complexities and triumphs in your own life.


That’s just a little about me – if you'd like to know more feel free to drop me an email and introduce yourself, would love to also learn a little about you.


Much Love,