If you feel like you may be stagnating, like life doesn't make sense anymore, like you're not sure what you're doing or where you're going - then you may want to read on.

Life has this tendency to get away from you, little things sneak up on you and you compromising so much of yourself that you don't even recognise yourself anymore. Where did it get out of hand? When did you start losing control of it all?

The good news is, it's never too late.


As long as you're still standing and still breathing, you have a chance to reconnect all the dots and start all over again. Take control, get focused and start living your life how you should have been living it the first place. 

You actually have a lot more influence than you may realise. 


Learn how the choices you make impact your life and the life of those around you. Learn why you do the things you do and how you can do them differently. Get real clear on who you are, what you stand for, where you've been and where you're going.

Living with intention means reconnecting with what's important and making better choices that will allow your life to truly reflect that.

It's about establishing clarity and gaining a better understanding of all the real life opportunities available to you regardless of the circumstance you find yourself in. It's about shifting the focus back on what you can do, instead of getting stuck on what you can't.


Does this sound like it might be for you?

"I was expecting to come away from the retreat with strategies to clear the clutter and make decisions over the coming months. I didn't expect to find clarity on day 2 and be ready and eager to move forward!!"





how to reconnect with your values and purpose

and learn how to prioritise, so you can better align how you live your life with what's actually important to you!

about how to make better decisions

and achieving real clarity about what guides your decision making and the impact that has on your life and the life of those around you

how to better manage your resources

and what role time, money and energy play in living an intentional life - keeping things grounded in your reality!

about the changing world of work

and how it impacts you! You'll examine all the opportunities available to you in the new economy, be able to develop your ideas in order to stop using work as an excuse

the art of taking action

and how to go from thinking about it, to actually doing it without ignoring the real life challenges!

how the Balinese do it

with some lessons on cultural practices that puts life into greater perspective!

how to embody - 'An Intentional Life'

and the real world lifestyle implications - what it will look like for you and what it all means!

"My Chi Journey is a great platform that provides guidance and opens one's mind to thinking about life in a different way."


United Kingdom


a deep understanding of what really matters to you

giving you clarity and direction in terms of how to approach your life!

a clear process for decision making

that will allow you to put things into the proper context and allow you to live your life in alignment with what's actually important to you!

a new perspective how to priortise

allowing you to spend your time, money and energy on things that add value to your life

a whole new way of approaching work

so it better reflects you living your life more authentically. Learn about how you can turn your ideas into something of value, so work is no longer a barrier for you!

practical insights into how to get moving

helping you make the transition from being a passive observer into an active driver!

an appreciation for different cultural traditions

and a clear understanding that there has always been and still is a different way of doing things!

a practical guide to getting started

and a real knowing of how you can actually get started living - An Intentional Life!


"In a few days I have learned more than I had during the past years.."!"

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Naples, Italy


'The lntentional Life' workshops

A series of workshops to guide you along your journey towards - The Intentional Life. Developed exclusively by My Chi Journey!

5 night exclusive stay at Honai Wellness Resort in Ubud

We'll have exclusive use of Honai Wellness Resort on the north side of Ubud, quite enough for tranquility, but close enough to the centre of town if you like exploring!

Airport or local transfers to and from the retreat

Depending on when your flight arrives, we  pick you up from Denpasar International Airport, or from your local hotel in Bali.

Breakfast and dinner daily

Healthy organic breakfast and dinner daily with the freshest produce and natural ingredients sourced daily from local farms and prepped with a touch from our own plant based cook!


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Intro To Natural Movement

Your body was made to move. Rise with the sun and kickstart each day in the right frame of mind, exploring your bodies relationship to movement, getting it back in sync with what nature intended it for.

Backstreets of Bali Bike Tour

Get a rare look at balinese life and balinese landscapes as we weave through local villages and rice fields, to get a real sense of Balinese life. Lead by Michael and local guides! Includes Lunch!

60 Minute Traditional Balinese Massage

You'll get a chance to enjoy a Traditional Balinese Massage at the luxurious on-side spa, help you relax and unwind during your flow time.

Visit local co-working space with Michael (Optional)

Bali has established itself as one of the world capitals for the 'remote working' lifestyle. As we'll be exploring our relationship with work, you'll have the opportunity to visit a local co-working space with Michael.

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Honai Wellness Resort


Honai Wellness Resort is a private sanctuary, offering peace and solitude just a stones throw away from Ubud town central.


Enjoy the quiet surrounds overlooking the rice fields, enjoy treatments at the onsite spa, or a swim in the pool which acts as a central feature in this tropical oasis.


Spa offering range of treatments

Yoga Shala


12 Luxurious Rooms



Free Shuttle To Ubud

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rest, work and play in quiet natural surrounds

"I really thought I'd be surrounded by a bunch of hippies that had no idea about the practicalities of the real world, but I was hugely mistaken!"


United Arab Emirates


UBUD, Bali


Far removed from the infamous Kuta and Seminyak is a small town, comprised of 14 villages nestled amongst rice terraces. The natural surrounds like lungs that breath in life; the blend of serenity and cultural vibrancy a yin and yang, offering a perfectly synchronistic heartbeat, keeping the island firmly grounded.


Today, It is a haven for backpackers, cosmic seekers, artists and bohemians and has begun emerging as a hot spot for literati, glitterati, art collectors and connoisseurs. It is a hub for the arts and crafts, a place for the mystics and the pretenders alike.

But make no mistake; there is a very unique spiritual frequency in Ubud, resonating in the breathtaking landscapes, natural surrounds and the people which reside here.

"If you're truly open to changing your way of thinking and living, then this retreat will be instrumental in starting that journey."


New Zealand




Founder of Movement Bali


Guillaume is the founder of Movement Bali and one of the pioneers of movement culture on the island. A graduate of human movement science from France , now based in Bali after extensive travels throughout Asia - he brings his unique approach to integrating natural movement forms, with martial arts.  He has dedicated his life to working with small groups and individuals, ensuring their bodies are functioning just as nature intended them to. 



Founder of My Chi Journey

Michael is the founder and driving force behind My Chi Journey. Formerly a sports coach by profession with degrees in both applied science and education, Michael has dedicated his life to development, exploring culture, human potential and working with individuals, small groups and organisations globally. He has dedicated his life to exploring the fundamental question - 'how is life best lived?'  and will share his ideas and different perspectives with you on this journey.

Nicole Diaz 3.jpg



Nicole Diaz is the creator of Holistic Hustle, a twisted plant based cooking show. She's a plant based cook that uses fruit for fitness and has used food as source to heal a lot of things. She's brings energy and a strong holistic lifestyle focus and has dedicated her life to helping people and doing it a way that is light, engaging and speaks to the soul. If you are what you eat, then you're going to want Nicole on your team, she'll be overseeing all things food related and adding her unique insights to your experience.


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Arrivals & Check-Ins

Welcome & Introduction

Dinner is served

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Intro to Natural Movement

Healthy Organic Breakfast

The Intentional Life Workshop 1

Flow Time (Personal Time)

The Intentional Life Workshop 2

Healthy Organic Dinner

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