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Yes, Love still lives here.


You wake each morning in the comfort of your home. You’ve never been so connected, yet disconnected at the same time. You’ve never had so much, but yet so little. 


Everything is safe, but life still manages to escape you – somehow disconnected from your own humanity. 


When you seem to have it all, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that truly matter.


So what if I told you can go right back to the beginning and reawaken those parts in you that make life worth living. You can experience first hand the human spirit in action. To experience what meaning and purpose look like.


Gaining a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be human. What it means to transcend your conditions and live a full human life.


This little piece of land still remains one of the most historically and culturally significant places in the course of human history. It’s God’s country, the intersection of three of the world’s great monotheistic faiths.


But it’s also so much more than that.

Rich in food and culture, music and art, natural beauty and a certain spiritual resonance.


Eat, Pray and YES LOVE – because Love does still live here.


This is a 7-day, 6-night experience and is limited to 10-14 persons only. If this sounds like something you’re ready for, then read on!

Experience the real Palestine, the one you never see on the evening news and then go a little deeper... 



Founder My Chi Journey


The significance of establishing roots

and the role culture, identity and community plays in garnering a sense of deep belonging

about transcending your condition 

how living a life of ultimate purpose goes beyond your day to day circumstances and finding beauty amidst despair

spiritual connectedness

and the role it plays in offering a view of the world and a certain way of approaching life

how food is something much deeper

that brings people together and tears people apart, the affects of indulgence and appetite on your every day life

traditional views on Love

what it means, how it's expressed and why it's such a powerful force

how to live more simply

differentiating needs from wants and making the most of everything you have

"It isn’t enough to just have an experience; you need to also reflect on it to make the meaning, learn, and grow. My Chi Journey  "Palestine" experience did just that. It is indeed a new journey every time with My Chi Journey. Thank you Michael for making it happen..."



United Kingdom


a deeper sense of your own identity

giving you clarity around who you are, where you come from and why that's important

a renewed perspective

on what it means to live with gratitude and the value hidden in embracing your daily challenges

an appreciation for spiritual life

and how it can work to provide your life with structure, order and a deeper sense of connection

an insight into appetite

and it's significance across different parts of your life and how you can temper it to gain a deeper appreciation for every bit of spice.

a different view on Love

and how it's more than just a feeling and is translated and realised in action and intention

an appreciation for what you have

and the little things that sustain life beyond material possession

"I had the opportunity to discover Palestine with Michael and it was a great experience! The perfect way of travelling to an ancestral Nation with wonderful people. I highly recommend

My Chi Journey..."




whats included

6 Night Exclusive Stay at Hosh Al Syrian

A beautifully restored guesthouse hidden down a narrow little lane in the Syriac quarter of the Old City of Bethlehem, owned and managed by renowned Palestinian Chef Fadi Kattan.

Food and Culture

Sample an array of Palestinian foods and eating habits, from contemporary cuisine, to home cooked meals, traditional Palestinian dishes and local street foods.

Jerusalem By Night

Get a sense of the magic of one of the most historically and culturally significant cities in the world, explore hidden Jerusalem as the sun sets over the old city.

Sebastia, Nablus and the Samaritans

Visit Sebastia, Nablus and meet the last of the 'good Samaritans', one of the oldest religious communities in the world still living in Mount Gerizim.


Walk Palestine

Experience the land up close and on foot with guided hikes and walking tours. Kidron Valley, Sebastian, Jordan Valley, Old City of Jerusalem and Taybeh Village. Bring your hiking shoes! 

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Valley Reflections Over Mar Saba

Afternoon hike into the Kidron Valley with reflections over the Mar Saba Monastary

A Day in the Village

Spend a day in Taybeh village, the home of the famous Taybeh Brewery and Winery. Michael also will guide you through his ancestral village to get a sense of Palestinian village life during spring time.

Cultural Exchanges

Opportunities for cultural exchanges, community meetings and talks drawing on local experiences, teachings, customs and traditions.

The Nomad Life

Enjoy traditional bedouin hospitality and experience what it looks like to live simply, to survive by the fruits of your own labour.

Daily Reflections, Stories and Meditations

Time will be set aside daily to share, reflect, contemplate and explore the meaning embedded in each of your daily experiences, deepening your understanding of everything Palestine and its rich tapestry of cultures and history has to teach you.

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